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New iPhone announced

Apple has announced the release of the new iPhone 4 to the world.

The phone is considerably slimmer than its predecessors, measuring less than 9.3mm thick (previous iPhones were about 12mm). The announcement of the new device comes after it received considerable and apparently unintended attention when a lost prototype was bought and reviewed by tech site Gizmodo.

Improvements on the design include a display rendering at 960 x 640 pixels, which is four times as many as previously. The operating system also allows for multitasking between applications, something which, until now, had given other 3GS devices a competitive edge over the iPhone.

A major selling point for the new iPhone is the introduction of FaceTime, an app designed to make ‘the dream of video calling a reality.’ To facilitate this app the device features a new forward-facing camera to complement the back-facing one. Users can toggle back and forth between the two to show whoever is on the other end of the call exactly what you’re seeing.

Among other new software available for the device will be iMovie for iPhone, allowing users to film and edit their own video footage.

The iPhone 4 will be available for sale on June 24th in the U.S., Britain, Germany, France, and Japan. The device will be available in Australia in July.




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