Using technology to develop new business

One of the best features of Google Analytics is that it allows us to generate a report of ‘recency and frequency’ that tells us the traffic that has visited our site the most recent and the most frequently.

However, this concept is even more powerful when applied to marketing for new businesses. Studies show that when a person makes a buying decision, they will very often choose the company that has contacted them the most recently and the most frequently.

Moving on

This used to be harder than it is now. This used to mean phone calls, meetings, birthday cards, snail mail, reports – the list goes on. Bulky items that have a cost attached to them and need to be manually organized and sent. Not anymore.

Today, using a good customer relationship management (CRM) program and a good email program, small businesses can achieve ‘recency and frequency in their marketing to prospective customers very easily.

This is not to be mistaken for spam. We are not sending sales letters and promotional offers, but rather sending prospects tips, tricks, and content that they will find useful in their world.

Making the most of it

Ideally, if you can nail the content side of this, then touching these prospects weekly is ideal. Fortnightly is also fine if you want to ease into it.

Simply ask yourself, ‘what would you need to be sending your potential customers to have them opening your emails every week with a smile?’

If you can achieve ‘recency and frequency with the people in your sales funnel who are not yet customers, you will have new customers coming to you and asking to buy, all because of a well-engineered and thought-through auto-responder. Achieving and maintaining the front of the mind has always been crucial. It is now easy.

Never finished uni

Jack Delosa is a Gen Y entrepreneur and investor and was recently described by Sunrise as ‘the young Aussie millionaire that didn’t finish uni.”
Jack has been named in Australia’s top 10 entrepreneurs under 30.

From having his company listed in the Fastest 50 Start-Ups in Australia to acquiring businesses with his panel of investors and helping his clients raise over $10m, Delosa is a leader for future and existing entrepreneurs.

He is mostly known as an entrepreneur and investor. Find out more from him at

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