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Getting the best deal on tech essentials

Looking for the best products at the best prices is never easy, and it only gets tougher when you’re shopping for technology. Seamus Byrne shares his ideas to put you on the right path to a happy purchasing experience.

IN THE AGE OF THE INTERNET, it’s always worth putting in some time to compare products and prices online. Even if you’re not intending to buy online, knowing what’s available and what you should expect to pay gives you a whole lot more bargaining power when you enter the stores.

If you’re not sure which brand you should buy, take a trip into a store to find out the major brands that are making the product you’re after. Then head back to the computer and look up some reviews online, to see what the pros and cons of the brands are. This will often point you to the brand that best suits your needs.

For a quick, excellent search of Australian deals on technology from a big mix of online and real-world stores visit www.staticice.com.au.

When you go into a store, explain exactly what you want to do with the product. This will help staff match their products to your needs, and give you more leverage to return something if you don’t like it, under the ‘unfit for use’ fair trading laws.

Before you buy online, remember to weigh up any price benefit you may gain over having a local store look after your warranty and return needs. Buying local can be a valuable insurance policy if your product needs attention.

If you do go with an online option, ask plenty of questions of the seller before you buy. Expensive technology items are more susceptible to dodgy dealings than most. Great prices can be legitimate, but a good rule of thumb is always that if it looks too good to be true; it usually is. Always use secure and authorized payment facilities online to avoid trouble.

Second-hand technology can offer good savings. Just be sure of the warranty and return policies before you buy.

You don’t have to go private to buy second-hand tech. Check manufacturer and retailer online stores for ‘refurbished’ or ‘firesale’ categories to find great deals with very low risk.


Australian gadget website: Gizmodo

Search for deals on tech: statistics

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