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How to keep control of your copyright on social media


Millions of shares, likes, posts, and tweets spread content around the web. But if it’s your content, and you didn’t give permission, you need to force a social media take-down. more »Posted in Blog | Tagged: legalsocial mediasocial network | Comments Off on How to keep control of your copyright on social media

Just sue me

Mark Pesce

Litigation is starting to make things a little crazy, and Mark Pesce discovers that we may not even be noticing it. more »Posted in Blog | Tagged: contractslawlegalsmall business | Comments Off on Just sue me

Mums on the Go Kick Start Diary – Month 2

What a journey! What a ride! Has it only been a month since we last checked in? Hard to believe how much has happened over the past month… As I sit to write this post we are about 6 weeks away from a public launch … at least I think we are. We are hitting a few unexpected bumps right now – the joy of starting a business, right? Will they slow us down? Delay our launch? Only time will tell … we hope not! We left off last month … more »Posted in Blog | Tagged: business growthlegalstartup | 1 Comment

Protecting your intellectual property online

How does the Web 2.0 mindset affect copyright? What is the fairway to reference other people’s content these days? And, most importantly, what can you do to protect your intellectual property when it’s online? Luke Telford investigates. Determine your content goals “Proper planning is the key,” says Victor Ng, technology and intellectual property (IP) lawyer with Logie-Smith Lanyon. “The reality is that most businesses can’t protect 100% of their intellectual property 100% of the time. Businesses need to assume that some infringement will occur and frame their IP strategy … more »

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