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8 Google Tools for Brainstorming

Creating original thoughts on a consistent basis is challenging. Reading and social interaction aren’t the only methods to generate ideas; you’ll need a system for tracking these concepts as they develop over time.

At Google, there are many brilliant minds, each of which frequently produces novel solutions to critical problems.

Google’s finest ideas may be found in their free products, which people use frequently to keep up with the latest developments in areas that are important to them and to ensure that they never run out of ideas. People  use the following eight Google products to spark ideas:

Google Trends Person Googling On Laptop

Changes in search volume over time may be viewed in Google Trends, which are typically related to breaking news. In what ways may this stimulate new ideas for beginnings to stories?

Would it shock you to learn that interest in public; relations have been on the decline since 2004 and is currently at one of its lowest points in history? Would it surprise you to hear that more individuals in New York City Googled public relations than in any other U.S. city? 

Perhaps not, as it is the global center for public relations. Google Trends is a valuable tool for researching keywords since it enables users to uncover subjects that are trending not just globally but also locally in their own cities.

This free tool provides a wealth of information that may be used in a variety of contexts, including keyword research, monitoring your competition, and formulating a local SEO plan.

Google Alerts

You definitely already use Google Alerts, but do you also utilize it to gather ideas? With Google Alerts, you can automate your Google queries, receiving relevant search results directly in your mailbox (or RSS reader) at predetermined intervals.

When you conduct a search with Google, you can customize both the scope of your inquiry and the frequency with which you receive results.

Utilizing Google Alerts for business reasons is an ideal method for enhancing the level of service offered to customers and, as a result, growing the level of happiness those customers feel. 

After all, this tool may not only fulfill the curiosity of tracking your name, but it can also track your leading rivals, monitor mentions of your firm, discover instances of plagiarism, and help to the improvement of your strategy for link-building.

Google Reader 8 Google Tools for Brainstorming

The Google Reader app aggregated content from several RSS and Atom feeds. Users may follow and share several news sources without having to switch between tabs.

Google Reader’s search function might be useful for discovering information, or they could just input the feed’s RSS or Atom URL. As the first app of its kind, it pioneered the usage of Google Gears to enable offline reading before the standardization of HTML5.

Users could sync their device with Reader and download up to 2,000 articles to read offline, all of which would be updated the next time the device connected to the internet.

The user interface needs no explanation because it is all Google, and this includes the fantastic search feature that users have come to expect from Google.

Google Reader is the obvious option to go with if you want to compile all of the articles, blogs, and news feeds that you read throughout the internet into a single location for easy access.

Once you delve into the preferences section, you will find that you can import and export feeds, add tags, and manage your subscriptions. This feature is a bonus, as is the ability to easily share selected feeds with selected friends. There is also a large number of keyboard shortcuts that speed up the reading process.

It’s possible that it’s not flawless, but it comes very close and comes highly recommended by us.

Google Docs

In Google Docs, users can access their files from any computer with an internet connection and a web browser, where they may then import, create, edit, and update their documents in a variety of fonts and file formats.

One of the best features of Google Docs is that it keeps a history of all the modifications made to a document, including the dates and times that those changes were made.

If users want to protect their privacy in a professional or personal situation, they may decide who has access to their documents. As modifications are being made, people may remark on them and collaborate in real-time.

Google Docs, like the majority of other word processors, comes with a comprehensive collection of editing features. 

These range from basic choices such as font size and type to more complex capabilities such as automated formatting for citations and an in-built translator that is driven by Google Translate. Some of these tools are more intuitive than others.

Even if those features are wonderful to have, what truly sets Google Docs apart from its free rivals is its capacity for real-time collaboration and editing. 

To share a document, just click the “Share” button located in the upper-right-hand corner of the screen. This will give you the option to either add specific individuals or copy a link that may be shared. It is a great tool.

Google Images

To locate pictures on the Internet, you can use Google’s web service, Google Images. Despite being functionally identical to Google’s primary search engine in terms of querying and delivering results, this Google spinoff is better suited to a narrower set of needs.

Google Search generates web pages with textual material by scanning text directly, whereas Google Images generates visual media based on supplied keywords, so its approach looks a little different.

Google Scholar

You can only search academic papers on Google Scholar. Google Scholar may serve as a great resource for anyone writing a book, white paper, or in-depth blog article.

It’s an excellent place to begin searching Google Books if, say, you were writing an article about online copyright protection.

To gather information for your next piece, you may visit the library, borrow a hundred pounds of books, and then flip through them all. Alternatively, a Google Books search would just take a few seconds.

On Google Books, you can find both full books (the older the book, the better your chances) and searchable excerpts from many more recent books.

And by the way, isn’t it neat that you can look up words within books via the web? In this age of constant advancement, it’s simple to take convenience for granted.

Google Zeitgeist

The Google Zeitgeist can be thought of as a yearbook for search engine data. Google releases its annual search trends report, which details the most popular queries of the year and the ones with the most rapid growth (and fastest-falling).

You may explore Google’s data visualizations by categories, such as people, sports, news, and entertainment, or by location, such as the United States or the world. These numbers provide an amazing overview of modern cultural trends.

It will perhaps spark some inspiration for potential trends to exploit. 


Now that you have access to so many awesome brainstorming tools, you may share your thoughts and ideas from anywhere at any time. And you can forget about looking for a pen and paper this time!

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