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The New Samsung Smart Ring

The New Samsung Smart Ring May Tell You To Stay In Bed

Since Samsung teased the Galaxy Ring last month, we have been waiting for more information. The MWC 2024 in Barcelona is where we saw Samsung’s highly anticipated Ring for the first time. We are also excited to learn some interesting details about Samsung’s Galaxy Ring. Let’s get started!

1. Colors & Sizes

The Korean company confirmed at MWC 2024 that its Galaxy Ring will be available in Silver, Gold , and Black finishes. The Galaxy Ring is also available in nine different sizes, ranging from 5 to 13.

The Oura Ring offers a similar range of sizes. The Galaxy Ring offers an extra size in comparison to the Oura Ring, which has eight sizes. The Ultrahuman Ring AIR, another popular choice, is available in seven sizes, ranging from 6 to 12 inches.

2. Galaxy Ring Weight

The weights of these different variants will also vary due to their different sizes. Android Police reports that the weight of the Galaxy Ring is only 2.9 grams. This is about half the weight as the Oura Ring’s heaviest version, which weighs six grams.

The Galaxy Ring is now lighter than Ultrahuman Ring AIR, with the heaviest version weighing 3.6 g. This is a big deal, and it will make a huge difference to the overall user experience.

3. Battery Life

Battery life will be a factor when discussing the Galaxy Ring’s size and weight. We have a few details on this front thanks to Financial News.

Financial News noted Dr. Han Pak, Samsung’s Digital Health Team Head and VP, stated that the Galaxy Ring would offer a Battery Life of about 5-9 days . Even the lightest Galaxy Ring variant will provide around 5 days’ worth of backup.

Samsung President Roh Taemoon stated in TechM that the Samsung wearable ring will provide an up to nine-day backup. Note that the Oura Ring AIR and Ultrahuman Ring AIR also offer a similar feature.

Real-life tests will confirm whether this is true. It is reasonable to expect smart rings to have a battery life of this type, since they do not feature displays which require the most power.

4. Healthcare Features

Samsung has spent a great deal of time and effort into creating the Galaxy Ring, which is a wearable that is centered around healthcare. Pak said, “We selected the finger because there are many blood vessels and veins that pass through it, making it very easy to collect information from the wrist.

This device’s form factor will have features that are logical. Galaxy Ring features a feature called My Vitality Score. recently covered this in an story. The score will be based on the user’s physical and mental preparedness.

The score will show users their productivity. This feature will be based on data collected through sensors such as heart rate monitors, sleep trackers, and others.

The Galaxy Ring also offers Booster cards to its users. These will give them additional guidance in the Samsung Health App. They confirmed that Samsung has been working on an artificial intelligence fitness coach. We can expect to see this integrated into the Ring framework once it launches.

Pak also confirmed that the Galaxy Ring would provide tracking of fertility for women. This feature is available via an integration with the Samsung partner app Natural Cycles.

The Galaxy Ring also offers advanced tracking of sleep for its users. Galaxy Ring can provide detailed sleep metrics based on data such as heart rate, respiration rate and movement made while sleeping. The Galaxy Ring will have a ” sleep apnea ” feature. We are excited to put it to the test once the Ring is released!

Release Window

Samsung has not provided any concrete information about the Galaxy Ring release date. In a Newsroom posting, Dr. Pak teased that the Galaxy Ring would be released “later this summer”.

The Galaxy Ring is expected to be released alongside the Galaxy Z Fold 6 & Z Flip 6 around the end of July – early August.

Pak said that R&D on the Galaxy Ring was in its final stages.

Financial News was present at this briefing, where Pak stated, “People are looking for products that are stylish, comfortable, have a good, long-lasting battery, and can be used in any environment.” We have decided that the time is right, based on the feedback of our users. It makes sense that Samsung wants to release the Ring by this year.

Since most recent Galaxy Watches do not support iOS we already know that Samsung Galaxy Ring is not compatible. Samsung’s ecosystem thrives because of Android exclusivity. We do hope, however, that Samsung will not impose a subscription for the Galaxy Ring in order to maximise its potential as a health-and-wellness boss. Setup and installation seems super easy and we look forward to learning more.

Oura Ring is also affected by this issue, since many of its features have to be paid for. Samsung doesn’t require this subscription in order to stay on the market. It would be illogical for Samsung to require this subscription.

Samsung’s ecosystem will benefit users in many ways. Dr. Pak revealed that wearing a Galaxy Watch and Galaxy Ring would further improve the accuracy metrics, particularly when it comes sleep tracking. Samsung will have an advantage over other smartphone manufacturers who do not yet have this rigid ecosystem.

Samsung Smart Ring
Samsung Smart Ring

Samsung’s approach to tracking health is based on four main areas: nutrition, stress, activity and sleep. Hon Pak is the vice president of Samsung Electronics’ digital health team and the head of its mobile experience business.

Samsung’s direction is also reflected in new features that will be coming to the Samsung Health App, including My Vitality Score and Booster Card. The first is similar to Oura’s Readiness Score, Garmin’s body battery, and measures your mental and physical readiness. It does this by measuring things like sleep and activity as well as heart rate variability and resting heart rates. Booster Cards, on the other hand, provide insights and tips all day long, including observations that could explain why you scored low in sleep last night.

Samsung’s Galaxy Ring tells you when to stay in bed

The mysterious health tracker that looks like an engagement ring signals your commitment to getting a good sleep.

Samsung, which teased its Galaxy S24 launch in January with the mere existence and concept of its new Health and Fitness ring, has now begun to elaborate on the details.

The Galaxy Ring is a fitness tracker which looks like a wedding band and shows your commitment to getting a good sleep.

Samsung Smart Ring Close Up
Samsung Smart Ring Close Up

The Galaxy Ring tracks your sleep to give you a “Vitality Score”.

Samsung is determined to keep this announcement a secret until the “later in the year” release date. However, it seems that the Galaxy Ring comes in silver, black or gold, and has three sensors to measure heart rate, breath rate, and movement.

The Galaxy Ring can also measure sleep latency. This is the time it takes to fall asleep. It will do this by interpreting data from other sensors.

Samsung will also launch a new metric called My Vitality Score. This will appear on the Samsung Health App sometime this year and will provide “personalised health insights” based upon factors such as Sleep, Activity and Heart Rate Variability.

The vitality score appears to be a measure for alertness and readiness for the next day. You can wear the Galaxy Ring at night to sleep, and then use the data to decide whether or not to get up the following morning.

The price has not yet been revealed. Similar rings by Oura cost $US299 ($460), $US349, depending on the model. Subscription fees of $9.99 per month are also included.

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