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Google’s Student Voice election results announced

Google Australia has today announced the results of the Student Voice campaign.

The initiative was created to present an outcome to the election as voted for by 15–17-year-old students nationwide. The result of the election has indicated that the youth of Australia have voted in the Gillard Labor government for another term.

The aim of Student Voice is to give young people a chance to have their political views expressed, and to create an impression of the future political landscape of Australia.

In the 72 electorates where the student vote was cast, Labor won 28 lower house seats, the Coalition one 25 seats, and the greens won 15 seats, while the Christian Democrat party, One Nation, Family First and Independent all won one seat each. The Labor party vote was most prominent in New South Wales and Victoria, where it won 21 of 28 seats. The Greens were most popular in Victoria, winning more than half the student votes in Lindsay Tanner’s seat of Melbourne.

“The next generation of voters will go online to find political information, contact government, and vote.  Student Voice 2010 is an exercise in democracy and we hope it inspires students to engage and make their voice heard,’ said Alan Noble, Director of Engineering Google Australia and New Zealand, in a press release.

For the full statistics, visit the Student Voice website.

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