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Businesses can choose to focus on increasing sales to existing customers, who are cheaper and easier to sell to, but the big advantage with new, satisfied customers is that they also have the potential to provide the greatest selling tool of all – word of mouth. However, when targeting new customers, the reality is that no matter what product or service you are selling, there are going to be hurdles along the way.


Clare Lancaster warns business owners of the perils and pitfalls awaiting those who take on their own branding design, Charlotte Norman weighs the merits of practical domain names over memorable ones, Mark Pesce investigates why it’s important to branch out from your online comfort zone, Click PR’s director Vuki Vujasinovic outlines why the Retail Coalitions campaign around introducing GST on imports under $1000 failed so spectacularly, and Stefan Sojka admonishes against taking on too many difficult customers.

Making mobility technologies work for you

People have been talking about the power of mobility for years. David Braue investigates how to use mobile technologies to benefit your business.

How to use rich media

It can be tempting to plaster your website with videos and flash content, but there is a fine line between just enough and too much. Nett investigates how your business could be using rich media to better engage prospective customers.

Loan time

Whether you’re looking to finance your first business venture, or the existing business needs a cash injection, there often comes a time when getting a loan needs to be on the agenda. Jo-Anne Hui finds out how to make it happen.

How to: online branding

Getting your name out there was once all about traditional advertising, but, thanks to the digital revolution, that has all changed. Find out how to get your branding right online.

Sending and receiving

Moving stock in and out of your business can occasionally be very costly, but there’s never any reason for it to be inefficient. Learn how to streamline your freight processes.

Spotlight: Craft Queen

When schoolteacher and craft enthusiast Nicole Farrell took a vacation to Asia, she discovered the plethora of materials available at various markets and stalls and decided to launch an online craft supplies store, and Craft Queen was born. Five years on, Farrell is no longer a teacher, and now manages the site full-time, but needs to improve her search rankings. The web design team at Netregistry gives Craft Queen a full review and walks Farrell through how to make it perform as she wants it to.

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