Staying motivated as a business owner

Let’s get honest with ourselves here – running a business can be both exciting and challenging, but on some days, it can leave you feeling frustrated and exhausted.

When we start a business, we often feel excited about the opportunities ahead, but this excitement can quickly dwindle when we are forced to sort out endless issues, such as employee and customer problems, sorting through never-ending administration work, and, even worse, completing our tax returns on time. These days, a business owner wears a wide range of hats, many of which may not fall under ‘chosen area of expertise.

As a business coach, I often receive calls from business owners who are overwhelmed and frustrated by the day-to-day running of their business. One of the easiest and most effective ways I find to shift this perception is to re-ignite their passion by helping them remember why they started in the first place. Simple but true! Usually, it only takes a one-hour session to get the most frustrated business owners back on track and feeling positive about their life and business.

Here, I am going to share with you a few simple techniques to get started with. So, if you are struggling to feel motivated and inspired, why not give these techniques a go?

It really is key to have an inspiring goal for your business. Not just a business plan that sets customer growth and profit, but a goal that really inspires you about the future and keeps you motivated even when times are tough. You really need to feel excited about your goal.

Here is a simple example:

“It is December 2012 and my business is growing every day. New clients and customers come to me easily and effortlessly. I have plenty of time to do all the tasks which are required of me, and also have a good work-life balance. My business runs easily and smoothly, and is performing above expectations.”

When your goal is complete, stick it near your desk and read it every day. Another great tip is to spend a few quiet minutes imagining how fabulous your life will be once you have indeed achieved your goal. Imagine the cash flowing into your bank account, having more clients, and how wonderfully successful you’ll feel during those interactions. 

Another reason for having goals is to ensure that your mindset is plugged into positivity and possibility rather than focusing on what is going wrong all the time. You can also support this new goal by repeating simple affirmations, such as ‘I feel motivated and excited about my businesses’, or ‘My business is growing every day.

Although this is just the beginning, doing these simple exercises can really start to change your attitude. Having belief in your own abilities, products, and services will attract more success to you and your business.

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