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Creating your business tip video

To make it even easier for you to create your short video, here are some hints and tips.

Before you get into creating a video:

  1. Check that whoever will video you knows how to use the basic video recording functions of your recording device; Smartphone, digital camera, digital video camera or video camera that is attached/built in to a computer. It might be stating the obvious, but you’ll be distracted if your colleague, friend or family members keep on stopping to ask for instructions!
  2. You’ll also need to know how to transfer the video from your chosen device to your computer (read the manual if you’re unsure).
  3. We recommend you upload the video to YouTube  (you will need to create a free account if you don’t have one already). There’s plenty of useful info to help you in the getting started and the making & optimising video sections.
  4. In addition, you can also view the simple and easy-to-follow guide to uploading.

Suggestions for shooting your Nett small business tip:

  1. Plan your story — What do you want to say about using online for business? Practice your 30-second story a few times. You’ll need to start by introducing yourself and your business in less than 5 seconds. Then you have up to 25 seconds to present your favourite piece of advice for small businesses using online. (n.b. Your tip needs to be about a general activity or idea; not a promotion of a product/service from a specific company)
  2. Plan the scene — Where will you shoot the video? Is there enough light to see your face clearly? What is in the background and does it contribute to your story (e.g. shows your place of work) or is it distracting? Will you be heard clearly? (If there’s too much background noise, choose a different location).
  3. Plan the shot — To make the process as easy as possible, we recommend you record your story in a single take. It’s only 30 seconds after all! For best results, make sure the recording device is still throughout the shot. You could place it on a tripod or place it firmly on a flat, solid surface such as a desk.

Also, YouTube veteran Stefan Sojka has created a video to help you get started. You can view it here.


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