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Kickstart – what would superman do?

Peter Draper is passionate about collectible comics and has been selling them on eBay for years. Now, he hopes to sell his comics through his own website and wants to know how he can best do that. Our Kick Start panel points him in the right direction.

Pete’s Comics & Collectibles is an online business that specializes in locating hard-to-find items for collectors of comic books and related memorabilia. Based in Brisbane, the company began as a part-time hobby, with occasional sales on auction website eBay.

“I’m still using eBay for advertising to promote the business and attract customers, though as eBay fees started to increase it became more viable to have my own website,” explains Peter Draper, owner of the comic business. “I would like to reduce my reliance on eBay. The business is now becoming a full-time job.”

Peter reports that the Global Financial Crisis slowed sales over the past couple of years, particularly to his highly valuable international customers (collectors in the United States and Europe tend to know more about the products and are more willing to pay a premium for special items).

He hopes to increase local sales by educating Australian collectors about the finer points of comic book memorabilia. #DOWNLOAD ARTICLE PACK(Registered users only. Register hereSign in.)



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