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Share your favourite business tip, hint or idea with Nett and you could win Apple’s latest idea – an iPad valued at over $600.

Persuade the Nett panel why your tip is the best. How you present your business tip is up to you, as long as you send us the link. Choose from the following or come up with your own idea to get the tip across:

>>  Shoot a YouTube video (30 seconds or less)
>>  Upload a short slideshow to Slideshare.com (30 seconds or less)
>>  Create a Flickr album and captions to illustrate your pitch
>>  Write a post on your blog (150 words or less), or
>>  Simply pitch us your brilliant tip in the form below (150 words or less) – it’s up to you.

So basically, you have half a minute of our time or up to 150 words to pitch your tip in whatever method you choose. Use it wisely. Above all, don’t be boring! Be brief, concise and make every word, image or second count! Waffle will be penalised and brevity rewarded!

Our panel will assess the originality and brilliance of the business tip and how the pitch conveyed that brilliance. Be creative! Be informative! Be relevant!

In addition, here are some great resources for you to use:

>>  Learn how to avoid a lousy pitch by viewing a recent Nett sponsored webinar. Simply click here.
>>  We’ve asked one of our regular columnists, Stefan Sojka, to give us his advice on creating a short video for this competition. Click here to view the video and get his tips.
>>  We’ve also created a simple guide or “cheat sheet” of helpful tips and hints in creating a video. Click here to read it.

Closing Date: 15th August 2010

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