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RightNow study: customer service

It takes just one bad customer experience for Australian customers to decide not to sign up to a company in several key industries, according to a new study from RightNow.

These sectors include telecoms, internet service providers, finance, travel/hospitality, utilities, and online retailers.

According to the figures, 28 percent of consumers would prefer sticking to their existing company in these areas, rather than signing up with a new company, following poor customer service.

Brett Waters, RightNow’s Vice President Asia-Pac South, said in a press release that the study has painted “a pretty bleak picture of customer experiences in Australia”.

“It seems as if companies are reliant on consumers staying put because of lack of choice in the market – no wonder Australians believe all companies are the same when it comes to customer experiences!”

“Clearly, for an organization willing to invest in delivering superb customer experience there’s a massive opportunity to use that as a competitive differentiator and win the hearts and minds of all those disaffected customers.”

Other interesting findings of the online retail industry included:

  • 18 per cent of respondents had experienced bad customer service when making a purchase in the sector, making it the best industry in terms of providing customer service, along with travel companies.
  • 62 per cent stopped doing business with an online retailer after a poor customer experience, making it the fourth worst industry for customer churn.
  • Only 16 per cent felt the company had tried to win back their business.




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