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The best ways to use video for business communications

With the proliferation of social media and the convergence of traditional and online media, clear communication has never been more crucial for business.

But how do you ensure your message remains consistent across so many different mediums?

Online video is fast becoming a key element in the communications arsenal of many businesses, which is great for consistency but can also create challenges. Like other forms of recently developed media, we’re still figuring out how to best use online video.

Simply jumping on the bandwagon isn’t going to get results for your business either; you need a strategy for using video based on the long-term effect your content has, so you can measure the return on your investment.

Here are some ideas and examples of how you can use video to help structure and clarify your message, while also getting you a solid return on your investment.

1. Introduction video

When you meet people, you typically shake hands and start a conversation; the introduction video is as close as you get to replicating that online. The introduction should be short, to the point, and simply focused on establishing trust and building a connection to your target audience. Typical length: under a minute.

2. Staff profiles

The people behind your brand are ultimately the driver for potential clients to do business with you, especially if you offer a service. Show your website visitors what kind of people they get to work with if they hire you.

Staff videos aren’t very common in Australia yet, but that is bound to change. In the US, people use YouTube to search for a local hairdresser or business consultant. Australia will follow.

3. Product and services videos

Pictures and text are obviously the basis of any web presence, but a video is the closest thing to actually using the product. Show your product or service off. Explain the benefits and features in an engaging way to get better results.

4. Training and education videos

So you’ve shown us the product and listed some benefits, but how does your product actually work and why would I buy it?

There are many videos on YouTube where a customer has simply unpacked a box of a known product so you can literally see what’s inside, and people watch them! Why not go a step further and offer some training?

5. Marketing videos

The marketing video is simple and clear, just a list of features and benefits followed by a clear call to action. It can be part of your wider campaign to get those new clients over the line, but make sure it’s genuine; just assume your audience is very savvy because nowadays they are!

6. PR videos

Video is under-utilized as a public relations tool for businesses, which is a shame, as it’s very powerful if used well. Explain why you do what you do; tell us how you do more than just ‘get the job is done; are you walking the talk in terms of corporate responsibility? Think of what makes you different, and share it.

7. Simple communication

Who reads newsletters these days? Why not change things up and send your message via video? With video embedded into an article, you increase audience interaction, which will result in your communications becoming more personal.

8. Events

Why spend thousands on staging a conference or event only to not record it? Video of your event is fantastic for re-engaging your audience by sharing footage from the day and is also a great way to entice potential attendees and promote future events.

9. Client testimonials

It’s all good and well to tell us how great you are, but why should I take your word for it? 
Show your target audience some genuinely happy, real customers talking about your product or service and they’ll be ready to sign up. Again, authenticity is critical; this is one thing you can’t fake!

Connect. Then reconnect.

The key to any form of communication is connecting and then reconnecting. Staying fresh in your audience’s mind and present in the marketplace is the best way to ensure your business stays relevant.

Regularly releasing short videos of any content is a great way to do that and is dynamite for SEO. And with the ability to add, alter and re-edit, consistency of message is never an issue. Of course, there are many other great ways to use video; these are just a few ideas to get you going. Good luck!

Robert Moorman is creative director at Hunting With Pixels, a strategic online video, and social media production company.

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