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Three essential marketing podcasts

Podcasts have long been the marketing ‘how to’ medium of choice online and vodcasts are growing in popularity. Understandably, there is now an impenetrable mass of material available in podcast format on the web and it’s hard to find your way through it all. Here are a few great examples that caught our eye and really got us thinking.

‘Pyschographics’ from Starship

Geoff Bowl, managing director of advertising and design agency Starship, familiarises us with the distinction between demographics and ‘psychographics’; a psychographic being a set of people within a demographic that responds to images in a particular way.

This succinct podcast details how images appeal graphically to different personality types and how this tendency might be useful to advertisers.

Bowl illustrates the impact of psychographics by employing a simple demonstration of the concept that evolves throughout the vodcast.

His approach may lean slightly toward the ludicrous side of podcast production, but he manages to explain a very clever concept that is highly pertinent to brand recognition, in a way that is disarmingly entertaining.

Digital marketing vs. non-digital

This podcast is part of the ‘Digital Bullets’ series produced by recruitment agency LaVolta.

It focuses on the trouble that traditionally focused ‘above-the-line agencies are having with perceiving digital media and integrating it into their output.

The podcast features a number of senior people and industry experts giving 20-second vox pops on the issue. Should workplaces be integrated or kept discrete? Should you spend as much on digital marketing as on traditional channels? Which digital marketing technique is most cost-effective in gaining exposure?

There is enough dissent and diversity of opinion to provide an engaging and thought-provoking seven minutes.


Marketing Geek uploads a weekly podcast, comprising a half-hour discussion of various tools both online and in the field of communication, and how they impact upon and might be utilized by people working in the marketing industry.

In this episode, the geeks express their doubts about Twollow, a system that automatically cues your Twitter account to follow people who mention a set of words that you specify. When used in a marketing capacity, they believe it has the potential to turn Twitter into a giant spam-generating monster.

They also discuss the impact that Google Wave is likely to have on the workplace as a replacement for traditional systems of communication and look at EtherPad as an example of what it might look like.

The podcast concludes with a profile that details the bewildering success of Jonathan Cainer‘s astrological web-based business.


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